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Wood Floor Installation Steps

The installation of an unfinished solid Wood Floor is a process that consists of many steps. This page will explain in detail how this is done.

The following steps will walk you thru the remodeling process of an existing tile floor to a final hardwood floor installation:

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Step 0 - Acclimating the Wood

Before the wood floor is installed it needs to be acclimated to the humidity of the room/ house where its going to be installed. It is recommended to keep the wood in the house for a minimum of 2 weeks before installation so it can loose moisture having the air-conditioner running:

Step 1 - Removal of old flooring (If necessary)

It is recommended to remove any old flooring before the hardwood floors are installed:

Step 2 - Leveling the floor (If necessary)

Wood floors will be as leveled as the floor where they are installed, it is important to level the floor prior to the Wood installation.

Step 3 - Cleaning and Sealing the floor (If necessary)

Once the floor is leveled it should be cleaned and sealed to avoid moisture.

Step 4 - Laying visqueen as moisture barrier

It is important to put a layer of visqueen (plastic) to prevent migration of moisture from sub-floor.

Step 5 - Installing plywood

Plywood has to be secured to the the concrete slab on top of the visqueen.

Step 6 - Installing Felt paper

After the plywood is installed a layer of felt paper is laid as a second moister barrier and to avoid squeaky noises once the wood floor is installed.

Step 6 - Installing the Wood

Wood planks are nailed down to the previously installed plywood.

Step 7 - Sanding the Wood and filling the gaps

After installation wood floors have to be sanded with 60, 80, 100 and 120 grits. Between sanding, gaps are filled with wood putty. 

Step 8 - Cleaning and sealing the Wood floor

Before putting the first coat of sealer it is important to clean the floors well.


Step 9 - Buffering and Finishing the Wood floor

The last step is to buffer (light sanding) clean again, and put 2 coats of finish.